Lesbian Factor – Teen Video

Another fresh week and we have one more lesbian factor video for you to enjoy. For this one we have yet another pair of teens that aim to spend the whole afternoon having their little girl on girl fun. The two lesbian girls have been on a walk outside but they seem to have returned home in quite a hurry. You might ask yourselves just why they did so, when it was a very nice day. Well let’s just say that these ladies have some nasty itches and when those itches come there’s barely anything stopping them from having sex right then and there in public.

So knowing that public indecency is a punishable crime they bolted back home before their lust would take the better of them and do something they’d regret later. Once back they lock the doors and head straight to the bedroom leaving their clothes all over the place on the way there, as they keep taking them off. And once there, you have to see how wild and kinky these two vixens can get in their lesbian sex encounters. Enjoy the lesbianfactor show that they put on for you guys and see you next week with even more. Bye bye!

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Lesbian Factor Video

Once again we have another amazing treat for you. Today we bring you one juicy and hot lesbian factor video that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on you guys. Today we have to very dirty little minded sluts that are going to sort of play doctor for you guys. Actually to be honest one of them is, and she’s got a few bones to pick with her naughty nurse assistant. But she always has the means to punish her and teach her a lesson. Today the naughty little nurse who is looking just like hot Celeste Star, another hot lesbian model, got called to the office once again and she was in for one hard treatment once gain for this day.

As soon as she enters her boss locks the door behind her and simply orders her to take her clothes off. The nurse has to comply with her superior’s demands so she does so to reveal one smoking hot body. Let’s just say that the female doc has a naughty side as well so se always enjoys taking advantage of her underling. Anyways she takes her clothes off as well and just orders the nurse to start licking on her pussy or else. She does so and that’s how they start off their afternoon of fucking. See you next week with another lesbianfactor video guys. Bye!


Horny Teens

Today’s lesbian factor update features two horny teens and the results of their naughty round of strip poker. These two ladies will leave quite a impression for their appearance today. Rest assured you won’t forget them too fast when you’ll see just what they have in store for you today. It all started when one of them engaged the other and asked her if she’d be up for a quick game of poker. She agreed but this little slut added they’d be playing some strip poker for today. She still agreed so the two were all set to start off their session of games.

And they seemed to always be tied, each one losing the same amount of clothing with every hand won. The two were getting more and more turned on and soon they were both all naked. This was actually the result that one of them hoped and now that they were all naked why waste the moment she said. So she just started to kiss her friend while making her way down to the other one’s pussy with her hand. Watch them play and get naked as they also engage into some sweet lesbianfactor sex afterwards for your viewing pleasure. Check out http://milfnextdoor.net/ blog and have fun watching other hot lesbians licking each others pussy!


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Lesbian Factor – First Lesbian Experience

Another great week and time for another superb lesbian factor update. Today we have another couple that has to act as teacher and student today. The pair of horny women is formed from a fiery blonde that has tons of experience and a slutty brown haired lady that’s engaging in her very first ever lesbian sexual experience. Both of these hot lesbian gals are packing quite the killer sexy bodies and any guy would be super lucky to get to be between them right now. But sadly these ladies are not into the cock, only the pussies so let’s see them put on their lesbianfactor show.

In the beginning the blonde takes the time to undress herself slowly and sexy and she does the same thing to her friend as well. Once the two lusty women are completely nude the sexy blonde starts to kiss the other woman passionately and she slowly makes her way lower and lower. Stopping at first to the brown haired woman’s big boobs to lick and suck on them, turning her on even more. And the real show starts when she reaches the pussy. Watch this horny pair of women have their fun today everyone. Enjoy!


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Nina Hartley’s Pussy Party

Hey there once again everyone, we promised you some more special treats for our lesbian factor galleries and we have another one all ready for you. And yes, as you can see we brought back the sexy Nina Hartley. Like she said previously she still has more things to teach other ladies and today she had her hands full. You see she organized this all lady party and she was intending to shoot more than one bird with one stone. Let’s watch this great pussy licking scene and see her as she tried to train a group of women how to properly take care of their other female partner’s pussies today.

All goes well until she’s faced with a dilemma. One of the ladies there, a super sexy and horny ebony woman with short curly hair seems to have some troubles, so Nina has to take her under her wing and train her personally. Even though she’s not experienced Nina puts her faith in her and allows the lady to work on her wet pussy. Watch as that little ebony slut licks on Nina’s eager cunt today for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you just like always next week. Bye bye everyone.


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Lesbian Factor – Nina Hartley

Hey there again everyone, we bring you today’s lesbian factor update along with one super special treat. In this gallery we have as our guest, the unmistakable, the super popular and sexy Nina Hartley. The sexy blonde wanted to come and star in this gallery today as she herself admitted that she still has to teach the next generation a few tricks for sex. Today she’s accompanied by a super sexy lady who’s going to put her pussy up for grabs as miss Nina will demonstrate for the other ladies and perhaps gents out there hot to please a pussy.

The hardcore lesbian scene itself takes place in a sort of medical room where Nina dresses in her white lab coat as she works on that eager cunt. As it starts she slowly massages softly the other ladies’ pussy as she gets more and more horny. And when she’s ready Nina pulls out the big guns. She takes her silver dildo and starts to fuck the horny little slut fast and hard right there on the table. Watch her as she moans in pleasure getting fucked until she cums and orgasms here at lesbianfactor. This was truly an honor and be sure we’ll have more just like this soon. Bye bye!


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Horny MILFs

For this week’s lesbian factor update we bring you a pair of sex hungry MILFs that know how to have a good time. The pair formed of these two mature women will rock your world as they won’t stop at nothing until you get to see just what they’re all about today. In this scene these two went on a vacation together to get away from the stress of the big city and they ended up in a luxury hotel suite with all the accommodations. Once inside they simply put aside all of their baggage and started to check out their new place of residence.

They take the time to watch all around and see what the whole apartment is equipped with and they soon stumble upon the bedroom with a giant queen size bed. Oh but they simply must try it out they said to themselves, so they started to undress. Well of course they’d have sex on it, how else would they try it? So once naked they start to kiss and suck on one another’s big tits, and take care of those eager and horny pussies. Enjoy guys and we’ll see you next week with even more. See you next time and check out the past lesbianfactor updates too. If you’re looking for similar content, come inside mommylovespussy.org blog. Bye!


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Lesbian Factor – Teen Loving

In today’s lesbian factor update we have another pair of hotties to entertain you. These two teens are here to entertain your eyes with their super naughty and lusty sides. These two women know how to have their private fun and they’re never afraid to show off just how they love to entertain themselves on camera. As they start off fully clothed you can already imagine just what their dirty little minds are plotting once the show gets started. So let’s just sit back and watch them go at it, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

As the lesbianfactor scene itself stars the two vixens are all fully clothed. Worry not though since they’re really horny and those clothes don’t stand on them for too long. So once they’re all naked you can see them kissing and gently touching one another’s perky breasts just to turn each other on even more. Watch the two as they massage their breasts and then see them go more south as they start to rub each other’s pussies. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you again next week with another gallery. Until then we’re leaving this with you and see you soon. And if you wanna see some super hot lesbian teen couples in action check out www.dirty101hd.com blog. Until next time!


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Lesbians in Love

Lesbian factor returns this week with another amazing gallery for you to enjoy. In this update we have a pleasant surprise for you if we may say so ourselves. For this shoot we got the fortune to have none other than Scarlett Pain the tattooed beauty that’s very known around the porn industry. Today a buddy of hers called her so that they may spend some private sexual moments together because her buddy was feeling down. She didn’t take long to think about it and just bolted to the sexy woman’s place.

If there’s one thing you should know about Scarlett here is that no matter what she’s fucking, be it guy or woman, she’s always taking her session hard style and since she knew that her friend is into the same thing she was really eager to get to her place. Once there it didn’t take the two women more than 10 minutes to be completely naked and kissing passionately on the bed. So without any delays, sit back and watch the two hotties have hot lesbian sex while tribbing and fingering one another’s pussies. See you next week with more content guys! If you liked this lesbian factor update and you’re looking for similar content, come inside clarag.org website and enjoy.


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Lesbian Factor – College Sweethearts

Hey there again, we’re back with our second lesbian factor update and this one you just have to see. For today we have two amazing college beauties that want to show the world how they spend their free time. The two ladies met the first time in their sophomore year and they seem to have been inseparable ever since. These two lesbian honeys kind of fell deeply in love with one another and they’re still together even in their senior year. Well we’re proud to have them here either way as they sure impressed us allot with their sex sessions.

You’ll understand just what we’re talking about when you’ll be able to see these two hotties go to work on their afternoon sex session today. As the scene starts the blonde lady takes her spot on the bed and lays on her back as her short haired brunette friend comes over and starts to caress her body. And when she’s turned on enough, she makes her way down to her pussy to please her with her expert and soft hands today. So watch as the brunette gives her friend one hard style finger fucking in this amazing update for today. Enjoy and see you next time!


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